RE:Employee:William Silverstein
Employer:Microsystems, Inc
Insurer:Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Insurer's File No.:71639858
D.I.A. No.:03086295


This matter arises out of a claim for benefits resulting from keyboard activity while the employee was engaged as a software engineer for Microsystems, Inc.

Mr. Silverstein was involved with a number of medical providers since his first report of symptoms in May of 1995. At various times, he was diagnosed with tendinitis; overuse tendinitis; possible epicondylitis; myofacial pain syndrome. At various times, the symptoms.and the diagnoses were related as bilateral.

In April of 1997, Mr. Silverstein came to treat with Dr. Donald McKay, a noted hand surgeon in the City of Boston who diagnosed a bilateral supracondylar process and a radial tunnel syndrome. As Mr. Silverstein had been terminated from his employment as a result of circumstances surrounding the injury, he sought and obtained work in the State of Texas where Dr. McKay's records were forwarded for treatment. Mr. Silverstein ultimately came to treat with Dr. Shelby Carter in Texas who performed the release of the ligainent of Struthers on the left side and directed his post operative therapy and follow up treatment.

Mr. Silverstein's claim was for various periods of temporary total disability from September 25, 1996 through January of 1997 and again post operatively from August 20, 1997 through October 5, 1997 and various periods of partial disability both pre and post surgery.

The insurer contested the claim based on causal relationship. As a result of the contest, the employee applied for and received disability payments which served to enhance his total recovery for the injuries claimed.

Because of the contest between the parties and the receipt of disability payments on behalf the employee, the parties negotiated and resolved this claim as stated without liability.

The claimant has returned to work as a software engineer with a new employer in the State of Texas. The operation on his left upper extremity was largely a success.

For the above-state reasons, the parties respectfully request approval as being within the employee's
best interest.


William Silverstein
William Silverstein, Claimant


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